11 January 2016

An Amazing Mural Plaza by multiple artists

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Wow! I think that’s what we both said as we rode up to the intersection of Franklin Ave and Wood St in Wilkinsburg. There are five large walls and a gazebo covered in artwork. The buildings are a part of Strength Inc.. They’ve created an outdoor art gallery with some incredible images here. Three of those walls plus the gazebo form a plaza. We feature that group of murals here. We separated the other two walls to their own pages and you can find them here and here.

The artists, Kyle Holbrook, Chris Savido, and George Gist have created a mural that literally surrounds you. The gazebo ceiling is also painted and it’s floor is a tile mosaic.

Starting at the left side and working clockwise around the plaza:

The gazebo ceiling:

The gazebo floor:

UPDATE August 2014
The first two times we visited this grouping of murals there were some other people around in the plaza and the sun was bright. Really bright. So bright that we were unable to get good photos of much of the one wall. We returned recently and this time it was overcast just enough to allow us to get some better pictures, so we’ve replaced several and added a few new ones.

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