16 January 2016

Metal Petals by multiple artists

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A community group, the Bloomfield–Garfield Corporation, teamed up with ecoDesigners Guild on their Green+Screen project. The goal is to make improvements to empty lots and eyesores in the community. Some projects are designed to screen the clutter or run–down area from view. Other projects work to make physical improvements through landscaping efforts. This is one of the two current art projects built to enhance the space, but made so that they can be relocated if the lot is later developed. This is the other one.

The green in the Green+Screen is for the use of recycled materials and plants. Volunteers work with the community in the design and installation process and try to address their concerns and needs. It's a great idea. We look forward to seeing more of these projects.

Mosaic pavers were created by local children and the benches are supported by scraps collected from cleaning up the lot.

November 2014

Penn Ave has been under construction with the outbound lanes closed for a while now. It was just by chance that we ended up across the street, behind the construction fence and noticed the change in this installation. We don’t know when it was added and we were unable to locate any information about the addition or the artist(s) involved.

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