19 January 2016

Dino formerly known as Cogitatio Aeterna

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The dinosaurs from the Carnegie Museum’s DinoMite Days were all adopted and moved to their new homes years ago. A handful remain scattered around the city in public places and those are the ones we’ve included in this website.

Talk about an identity crisis. This dinosaur must have had some serious self–image issues because he had a total make–over. Like a wanted criminal going to South America for a face lift and new identity, you would never know that this guy used to look like this:

According to Carol Moye Photography (who set out to photograph all 100 of the DinoMite Days Dinos), the owner had Cogitatio Aeterna re-done because of weather damage.

The original design by Glen Whittaker is still on the Carnegie Museum site. So far we haven’t discovered the artist responsible for the make–over or whether or not they changed the dino’s name. We’ll let you know if we do.

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