10 January 2016

Four Panel Mural of the Seasons by unknown artist

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Clues to the origins of these four panels are scarce. We’re still looking for the parties responsible, but we think our best clue lies with the Uptown Community Action Group (UCAG). In the third panel (Uptown on a fall evening) we found their name on one of the buildings in the foreground. The artwork looks like it might have had some kids helping to depict the various seasons of Uptown, and a project sponsored by the UCAG seems plausible. We know that somewhere along 5th Ave in Uptown is a mural project by Education through Entertainment, but we cannot confirm this as that mural yet.

Pittsburgh in the background; Uptown playround in the foreground.
Uptown in spring and summer.

If you can provide any information on this four season set, please let us know.

Evening views with lights in the buildings.
Uptown in fall and winter.

In early 2014 we rode by to discover that the building these panels were on has been demolished. It wasn't until the fall of that year that we rediscovered them. They materialized nearby on the side of 1906 5th Ave. They sit back from the road, closer to Watson St, but you can still see them from 5th Ave.

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