27 January 2016

West View Park Memories mural

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From 1906 to 1977, West View Park was THE amusement park for anyone living in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. School and company picnics, family gatherings, and date nights were conducted at this much loved amusement park.

The old trolley park had several great rides such as the Dips, the antique cars, the caterpillar, the Racing Whippet, and (while not a ride) Danceland. Many big name bands and entertainers performed at Danceland until it burned down in 1973. The Rolling Stones actually performed here on their first US tour.

Without sufficient land or capital to add the kind of rides they needed to remain competitive, West View Park closed without warning. After closing for the season in 1977 they announced that it would not reopen. For a lot of local residents this was a surprise. Years of school picnics and summer trips to West View had left important memories imprinted in hearts and minds and the sudden loss of the landmark left many ghosts behind.

As you look around the community of West View more than 30 years after the park closed, you see many small reminders of how important it was to the community’s identity. This is one of two murals that we found here celebrating and remembering the park. We found no artist information for this one though.

You can also still find memorabilia from the park on Ebay.

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