27 January 2016

ShadyLiberty Bridge Sculpture by Sheila Klein

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Not a mural, not a sculpture, but more than just a pedestrian bridge. Maybe functional public art? This walk/bike–way between Shadyside and East Liberty is dressed up and interesting. The chain link is decorated with glass disks that catch the light differently at different times of the day.

On the artist’s website we found this explanation for the design on the pavement and more:

The concrete walking path will be painted with arrhythmic, overlapping stripes in white and yellow, an idea that comes from the unintentionally beautiful pattern in the Liberty Avenue parking lot where street-line painters test their equipment. Essential to the project is the landscaping, lighting and sculptural cyclone fence. The curving chain link fence has handmade glass sequins edging the top of the fence that will glitter and define the space with reflections. The journey down Shady Liberty will create an experience of civilized surprise; dramatic and formal, yet playful and functional for all who walk across the bridge.

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