16 January 2016

Seascape by Anthony Purcell

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At this time we’re dealing with outdoor murals and some of the other forms of outdoor public art. We know there are tons of murals and artwork inside many of the buildings in the city, but we’re focused on the outdoor art and places we can ride our bikes to. (They sort of frown when you try to bring your bike into the City–County Building.) This mural is a bit of an exception to our rule, but we’re including it because the shopping mall is a very public building. It’s not like trying to see artwork inside a business office or law firm in the city. Plus, the mall is very close to the Montour Trail and to a bike shop, so biking to this mural is still do–able. If we need another reason to include it, call it curator’s preogative. We thought many of our viewers would like this piece.

This is a three panel mural that runs along the entrance hall to the Mall at Robinson at the Sears end of the mall.

Anthony said that the guidance he had for the mural was for it to be family friendly, attractive to kids, colorful and education. It certainly meets all of those requirements. It has some great details:

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