10 January 2016

Travelling Band and Artists on Town by Luis Castellanos Velui

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An internationally known Mexican artist, Luis Castellanos Valui, came to Pittsburgh to contribute this installment of art for the Art on Gist Street project. The artwork hangs on the outside of the Association of the Deaf Club, and Mr Valui worked with them to decide on the design.

In a Puerto Vallarta travel guide, they describe Senior Valui as a painter who infuses his Latin American roots with the traditions of tropical jazz and cafe culture. They also spoke about this piece of art:

Valui says the painting, which depicts a band on bicycles flying over a city, will incorporate American Sign Language into the composition, at the request of association. "There will be sign language for the words 'peace,' 'imagine' and 'I love you,' " Valui says.

Post Gazette writer Diana Nelson Jones spoke with Mr Valui while he was in town creating this piece and when she asked him the name of the muse flying along side the musicians he said Her name is ‘The Muse’. The muse is all the women, of course.

Curt Shaw with TribLive also interviewed the artist and in his article Mr Valui explained that the mural would: ...feature a filmmaker, musician, writer and dancer in addition to the traveling band floating above the city. I hope people enjoy this mural, because it’s honoring the city because of the beauty of this place.

More photos are available here.

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