16 January 2016

Wood St Murals by multiple artists

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This mural is part of an intersection full of wonderful murals - spread over three buildings and more. We initially starting calling these all The Amazing Plaza because there is a small park/plaza surrounded by these murals. There is so much to see here it's a bit overwhelming. Because of the shear volume of artwork, we decided to break this grouping into three entries. On this page we look at the art on the building to the left of the plaza facing Wood St. For the artwork on the side of this building that makes up the left wall of the plaza and the other walls surrounding the plaza see this page. For the building across the street from the plaza facing Franklin Ave, see this .

On each building there are numerous images. For the most part we were not able to identify which artist did which images. There were a few exceptions though.

Uriel is the name of an archangel that just so happens to be known as a patron of the arts. It’s also the name that came to Colleen Black when she was first painting this angel on a canvas. The painting was done while she was going through a bit of a rough patch and she came to think of it as a Blessing Angel – an empathic being, lifting the burdens from others and taking them on herself. It brought this artist a sense of peace and when the name came to her she didn’t question the fact that it was also the name of an archangel. It felt right for this angel.

The image is striking. In a collection of many great images on this block, this was one that drew our attention immediately. We were enchanted and intrigued by her and the story of her helping to channel peace and calm to people as she lifts their burdens. It made her that much more intriguing.

We don't have background stories on any of the other images on this building unfortunately. We do have pictures for you though:

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