16 January 2016

Creation Rex by Stephen Butler

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The dinosaurs from the Carnegie Museum’s DinoMite Days were all adopted and moved to their new homes years ago. A handful remain scattered around the city in public places and those are the ones we’ve included in this website.

Holiday Creation Rex goes ice skating.
This is Creation Rex. Sponsored by, and living at, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Creation Rex is a dinosaur of many moods. His costumes and background scenery change often to reflect holidays and seasons. Check back to see more. We hope to add photographs throughout the year when we catch him dressed for different events and occasions.

Creation Rex at Mardi Gras:

Creation Rex is a party animal at Mardi Gras.

For St Patrick’s Day Creation Rex lines up favorite local snacks, puts on his shamrock hat, and gets ready to celebrate with the leprechauns:

A shamrock tray with local delicacies.

Here’s Creation Rex ready to pitch in on Earth Day:

For the end of May we found the dino promoting BBQ Month:

For the miracle of the Pirates being in the playoffs after more than a 20 year losing streak, Creation Rex is celebrating with the city:

Raise It!!!
Update, Jun 2014
It seems that they’ve discontinued decorating Creation Rex for various occasions. We haven’t seen anything more than a candy cane adorning this dino since the baseball motif last fall. We kind of miss seeing the clever accessories to celebrate holidays and events.

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