16 January 2016

Lawrenceville Life Links Charm Bracelet by Joanna Commanderos

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Bob Batz Jr of the Post Gazette explained this piece as three–dimensional icons that represent the community – – everything from the prevalent architectural star to the Doughboy statue. He goes on to explain that the charms were to be linked and mounted on four buildings along Butler Street. We found these charms linked, but only on three buildings.
Originally named the Lawrenceville Charm Bracelet, this piece is also called the Lawrenceville Life Links Charm Bracelet. Lawrenceville Corporation worked on this project and explains the charms on their website:

  • the Doughboy statue, which sits at the intersection of Butler Street, Penn Avenue, and 34th Street (Doughboy Square) in commemoration of World War I soldiers
  • angel wings, as found in Allegheny Cemetery and representing the neighborhood’s spirituality
  • a rose, representing the beauty and life–giving sentiment of Lawrenceville
  • a door and steps, representing the entrance to home, comfort, and security
  • a star anchor support, found as a decorative and functional structural support element on many Lawrenceville buildings

As we said, we found three locations. At the fourth location listed on the Lawrenceville Corporation’s web site, we found no sign of the artwork.  We received confirmation from the artist that the fourth piece was removed in 2012.   The first section (photo above) is at 4113 Butler St. A second display is on the side of a building at 5136 Butler:

Star anchor and angel wings on a chain.

The address provided for this third display was given as 5722 Butler, but we found it about a block farther east. The building it’s on had no address visible, but the artwork faces the road so it’s hard to miss if you’re looking for it:

Angel wings, doughboy, star anchor on a chain.

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