15 January 2016

Shepard Fairey Collage

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In 2009 Shepard Fairey had an exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum on the North Side. Known originally for being a street artist, he posted artwork all around the city prior to the opening of the show. This was one of them. These wheat-paste pieces were never meant to last forever and many of them are in very poor condition now.

Mary Thomas of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes about the art show and the artist here, explaining some of these images and influences.

This collage consists of two background patterns and the following images (left to right, top to bottom):

  • "Peace Guard" done in collaboration with Kai Regan
  • "Mujer Fatal"
  • "Kiss Me Deadly"
  • "Commanda"
  • "Obey Eye"
  • "Global Warning"
  • "Peace Fingers Black"

Update August 2014. This mural is gone.

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