16 January 2016

Prehistoric Printasaurus by Judy Farie

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The dinosaurs from the Carnegie Museum’s DinoMite Days were all adopted and moved to their new homes years ago. A handful remain scattered around the city in public places and those are the ones we’ve included in this website.

Prehistoric Printasaurus Now lives on the south end of Herr’s Island (Washington's Landing). Although it’s in a residential neighborhood, it isn’t in front of or behind any residence, so we figured it was fair game for public art. You can, in fact, see it from the trail if you look. From that angle it's behind some shrubbery, but it's not totally obscured.

The design is supposed to be a botanical garden. We went to the artist’s website and found this statement:

"My paintings are a balance of unforseen elements and accidents, combined with distinctly rendered printed passages. The juxtaposition of loose brush strokes with tight patterns creates a dichotomy that is meant to intrigue the viewer. I collectively layer color, vibrant gestural marks and rich patterns to meld and form abstract compositions that are grounded in from all concerns filtered through levity and beauty."

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