19 January 2016

Manchester Youth & Development Center mural

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This mural lines the walkway into the Manchester Youth and Development Center (MYDC) and the Manchester Academic Charter School (MACS). The MYDC has been around since 1968 and their website explains their mission:

MYDC seeks to replace negative behaviors with positive goals, through mobilizing families from the community to participate in the development of the youth. The Center recognizes that being problem–free is not the same as being fully prepared and thus focuses on the development of the whole child to become productive and engaged citizens. MYDC’s programs promote the development of children who are healthy, safe, engaged in learning, supported by qualified and caring adults, and challenged by a well–balanced curriculum. Effective programs are youth centered. Staff and activities engage young people’s diverse talents, skills, and interest, building on their strengths and involving them in planning and decision making.

Happy children, dancing, learning, music.

Children embracing each other.

Boy violinist with musical notes coming out of his head.

Fishing, studying, local architecture

Basketball and more images of architecture.

Fishing, learning, community.

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