26 January 2016

Ladies of Gist St by multiple artists

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These ladies are the start of a new series of cut out figures in Art on Gist St. Although James Simon is not the artist for any of these, he is the man behind this outdoor gallery in Uptown, and he said he likes the idea of adding more figures like these. He showed us one that’s literally still on the drawing board.

Artist John Fleenor is working on this newest one.

Of the three ladies currently on the street, the center figure is the only one so far, that we know is based on an actual person. Artist B. Richardson created this cut out of another artist – Frida Kahlo. The lady on the left was done by Alyssa Clifford, and the one on the right by Bonnie Gloris.

Mr Simon hasn’t titled this series, but we decided to give them the unofficial name of The Ladies of Gist Street until he does. Cut Out Figures just didn’t seem good enough. We’re looking forward to seeing new additions to the series.

Jan 2013

Someone from Artsy.net contacted us with some more information on Frida Kahlo. They’ve assembled a page that includes information on her biography and other links you might find interesting.

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