23 September 2016

Mr Imagination's Gone to Heaven by Bob Ziller

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Photo by Bob Ziller

Mr. Imagination, AKA Gregory Warmack, was an American Folk Artist and Bob Ziller’s friend. Possibly best known for using bottle caps in his sculptures, Mr. Imagination was a self taught artist that ended up with artwork in museums around the world. He may have been one of the most influential early adopters of re–purposing things, as he could create art from just about any discarded object he found.

Mr. Imagination’s Gone to Heaven is artist Bob Ziller’s tribute to his friend and fellow artist. It reminded us of Grandmere, the mural he created for his grandmother. Both are amazingly sweet, simple, touching images of someone whom Mr. Ziller obviously holds dear. He depicted his grandmother flying because he thought of her as a super hero. He portraits the late Mr.Imagination flying as an angel. Based on the on–line articles we found about him, that description seems to be a good one. One person described him as ...always full of joy, love, and endless creativity. Sounds like angel material to us.

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