27 September 2016

Goat and Deer murals by Kaff-Eine

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While Australian street artist Kaff–Eine was visiting Pittsburgh, her friends located this boarded up storefront in Lawrenceville that needed fresh artwork. There had been previous layers of posters at this location, including an old Shepard Fairey mural that had deteriorated almost beyond recognition. Kaff–Eine told us that she wanted to use the beautiful layers of posters that were already there and that she basically used their colour and texture, painting highlights and shadows but leaving the original old posters to come through in the image. She painted a white-tailed deer for the Pennsylvanian State Fauna, and the goat was done in memory of a dear friend.

If you look closely you can see the old artwork bleeding through the new images.

UPDATE July 2015

The deer is gone. There’s new artwork on the right side where the deer used to be. We talked with artist Jeremy Raymer who did the new art and he told us that someone removed the plywood that the deer had been painted on. Apparently the building is scheduled for demolition at some point, so his new artwork along with the goat won’t be here long either. We kind of hope that the thief was trying to save the artwork rather than just vandalizing the building. Good intentions n’at. The hooves remain, making it a bit interesting:

2016 - GONE

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