27 September 2016

Freewheel by Will Schlough

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We love biking. We love murals and public art. That’s really what this entire website is about – us riding our bikes around the city discovering public art and mapping it so you can find it too. When we saw this piece we thought it was as perfectly in synch with our mission as it could get: Public Art with a bike theme! Almost a bit of Nirvana.

Will Schlough created this sculpture and donated it to Bike–Pgh. It’s a great way to identify the offices of the organization that makes it so much better and safer for us to pedal around the ’Burgh. If you bike in Pittsburgh, you should seriously consider joining.

On Mr Schlough’s website we found his description of Freewheel: This creative piece of street art depicts a lonely bike wheel sprouting wings and attempting to escape from the three rivers bike rack to which it’s been locked.

If you aren’t a cyclist, then you may not be familiar with the bike racks. The familiar shape seen all over the city was designed, of course, to mirror our real three rivers. Designed by Wall–To–Wall Studios the racks were created under a 2003 Sprout Fund grant that Bike–Pgh received.

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