23 September 2016

Crosby and Polamalu murals by Jeremy Raymer

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Our first clue about these murals came from a commercial for a morning radio show. One of the images showed up in the background footage, and we knew we hadn’t seen it before. The video all appeared to be from the Strip District, so we figured that was a good place to start looking. It just so happened that there was an Open Streets event coming up, so we took advantage of the street closure to take a leisurely ride along Penn Ave early in the morning. Eureka! We found the new mural on a roll–down security door beside two more murals.

The bad news is that the two murals on the doors will only be visible when the doors are down. If you want to see these you just have to make a point of going before or after business hours.

In 2016 we discovered that the rooster had been replaced, and the new mural extends onto the side of the building:

2017 and once again, the door on the truck has new artwork.

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