24 September 2016

Brookline Mural by Jennifer Rempel

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Someone alerted us to this mural quite a while ago, but riding from the city into the South Hills can be an adventure. Growing up in the North Hills I feel like I need a passport to enter the South Hills neighborhoods. Completely unfamiliar with the streets, our route must be carefully mapped. We were hoping to learn of some other murals in this area so we could plan a ride to all of them at once, but this was apparently the only mural we missed when we did our ride through Mt Lebanon, Dormont and Beechview last year. We finally picked a nice, cool Sunday morning to climb the hills from the Southside up into Mt Oliver and beyond.

The only information we’ve found on this mural is the fact that it was commissioned by the Brookline Area Community Council in 1996 and the artist was Jennifer Rempel. On the left side of the mural it also gives credit to Pat McDonough as the sign painter. We don’t know if this means that Jennifer Rempel designed the mural but Pat McDonough painted it? Maybe. We received an email from Adam on this question. He told us I remember when this mural was being painted in 96. I walked past every day during the progress. I can say with certainty that it was painted by a female and she worked alone. If Pat is a male then you have your answer. However if Pat is a female then I am of no help! Haha. Maybe someone else out there can enlighten us.

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