21 May 2016

The Pittsburgh Panther sculpture by Thomas N. Mitrakos, Tiberiu Mosteanu

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Heinz Field is home to both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Pathers. Outside of Gate A, across the sidewalk, is a small reminder that the Panthers prowl here. Modeled after the trophy that the Pitt Varsity Letter Club presents to it’s Awardees of Distinction, The Pittsburgh Panther sits on top of a granite base. The pavement next to the sculpture gives the appearance that the bronze feline casts a shadow of the Cathedral of Learning (Pitt’s most prominent and well known building).

University of Pittsburgh, Cathedral of Learning

The trophy that the sculpture is copied from was designed by Thomas N. Mitrakos. Tiberiu Mosteanu (TM Sculpture Service) is responsible for creating this 12 foot long replica.

There is another copy of this design outside the Peterson Event Center in Oakland.

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