22 May 2016

Bell Telephone Building Relief Map

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We found precious little information about this relief map of Pennsylvania. It's carved in granite on the side of the old Bell Telephone Company building, and has the company motto Anywhere Any Time by Telephone beneath a spinning globe inset. We know the building went up between 1956–58, and the architects were Emil W. Kinder, William Tesky, and Press Dowler of Dowler Calvery & Associates Architects. According to a Pennsylvania Historic Research form, the artwork was installed as a tribute to the global reach of the Bell Telephone system. Above the globe, there’s a clock and across the map are some carvings. The Pittsburgh skyline, Appalachian Mountains, and Liberty Bell are obvious. There are also trees, what might be an oil well, fort, and the dome of the capital building in Harrisburg.

The building has a couple of other small reminders that it was built as Bell Telephone’s Western PA Regional Headquarters.

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