20 March 2016

Old Frick Environmental Center Mural

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Two fellow cyclists alerted us to this mural. It’s unlikely we would have stumbled onto it ourselves anytime soon as it’s on the back of the burned out Frick Environmental Center. The trail that runs behind the building seems more of a hiking (and perhaps mountain biking) trail, but not one we would normally ride on for our city mural searches.

Photo supplied by Paul Heckbert

With the information from our friends, we arrived at the park entrance and walked the trail that led to the back of the building. We don’t know how much longer this building might be here. The fire that destroyed it was in 2002, so we were surprised that what was left was still standing almost 12 years later. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy now manages the Frick Environmental Center. We found nothing indicating if or when they might demolish the old structure, but they are in the process of designing and funding a new one. Their goal is for the new center to meet the standard for both Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and for Living Building Challenge (LBC) certifications.

Obviously the artwork isn’t in the best condition. We could find no information for this old mural. The designs are cut out of plywood, painted and attached to the wall. No signatures or dates were evident anywhere on the artwork.

We did find that the turtle’s name is Bob, and that the deer has good taste.

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