20 March 2016

Bill Mazeroski Sculpture by Susan Wagner

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There are four sculptures around PNC Park that pay tribute to some of the Pittsburgh Pirates greatest players. Three of them were created by Susan Wagner between 1994 and 2010. Those include Roberto Walker Clemente, Willie Stargel, and Bill Mazeroski. The fourth, Honus Wagner, was done back in 1955 by Frank Vittor. His brother Tony Vittor did the relief work on the base of the Honus Wagner sculpture.

Bill Mazeroski – AKA: Maz

Done in 2010, this is the newest of the four sculptures. It commemorates not just a great player, but a single moment in the Pirates history that has thrilled fans for over 50 years. On Oct 13, 1960 at 3:36pm, Maz hit the home run that won the World Series for the Pirates against the NY Yankees. It was a 406 foot hit over the left field wall at the bottom of the ninth. The only time a home run has won game 7, it was a dramatic ending to the 1960 World Series.

Susan Wagner captured a moment as Maz ran the bases. He was on his way from second to third base when he held his arms out – his helmet in the air – in celebration.

Fans still meet in Oakland (where Forbes Field was) every year on the anniversary to listen to a recording of the game. Sometimes Maz joins them for a bit. In 2003 ESPN published the 100 Greatest Home Runs of All Time and this run was at the top of the list.

Maz had a long career with the Pirates. He’s still considered one of the best defensive second basemen of all time, holding the record for double plays at that position. Nicknamed The Glove he had many great moments, but this one is the one that Maz will always be remembered for.

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