20 March 2016

Foundation Mosaics by Linda Wallen

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Artist Linda Wallen and her husband are trendsetters. They started out covering the foundation of their home in Spring Hill with a tile and glass mosaic, and now there are five houses on this street with Linda’s artwork on them.

The mosaics are filled with memories. Mixed with ordinary tile pieces are broken plates from friends, tiles from trips to France, even extra tiles from inside the Fort Pitt Tunnels.

Rectangular green tiles from the Fort Pitt Tunnels.

There are small ceramic figures incorporated into the artwork and designs inspired by neighborhood kids.

Purple octopus requested by a local kid.

People around Spring Hill know about this street. We heard it referred to as Mosaic Alley. When we were searching for it we didn’t have much to go on, yet a woman several blocks away knew what we were talking about and gave us good directions.

Tiles rescued from a site in France.

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