29 February 2016

Allentown Mural Asteroid Way by Lucas Stock

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This mural was along the route for the 2013 Pedal Pittsburgh ride, but it was positioned so it was behind you as you rode past it – so it was easily missed. On the return leg of the ride, which passed about a block north, the bright colors jumped out immediately from across a vacant lot. When I stopped at an intersection, a lady standing there with her son noticed where my attention was focused and told me that it was a new mural. She said they had gone over to look at it and thought the subject of it was Puerto Rico.

We had received an email about this mural so I already knew that the themes (provided by the artist, Lucas Stock) were historic landmarks, unique architecture, stained glass art, ethnic and religious symbolism and neighborhood diversity. The artist hadn’t mentioned anything specific about Puerto Rico, but now looking closely at the mural, I could see what looked like the Puerto Rican flag on the right side.

One of the perks of getting directly in touch with an artist is hearing or seeing some of the insight on the design process. In this case, Mr Stock shared some photos he took to document that process:

A pencil sketch of the original design. Photo by Lucas Stock

The filled in sketch. Photo by Lucas Stock

The final product. Photo by Lucas Stock

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