26 February 2016

Pittsburgh Jazz History Mural by multiple artists

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This mural is not just a history of jazz greats, it’s a history of Pittsburgh jazz greats! Can you feel your city pride swelling when you realize the breadth of talent that came from our own neighborhoods?

Top left in the mural is Stanley William Turrentine, also known as Mr T or The Sugar Man

Stanley Turrentine and the Penn Incline

To the right of Stanley Turrentine is Ray Brown, a Grammy award winning base musician.

Ray Brown

Below and right of Ray Brown is George Benson, the man that had the first platinum jazz album.

George Benson

David Roy Eldridge or Little Jazz is considered one of the most important virtuoso trumpeters in the history of jazz.

Roy Eldrige

Composer and self–taught pianist Errol Garner was a musical genius, possibly best known for composing Misty.

Errol Garner

Art Blakey started out playing piano until Errol Garner bumped him over to the drums. He found his nitch there becoming an award winning jazz drummer.

Art Blakey

Lena Horne is the only one of this talented group that is not a native of the ’Burgh. She did, however, move here when she was 18 to live with her father for several years.

Lena Horne

The posts in front of this mural are also painted, making them less of a distraction:

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