29 February 2016

International Children's Art Gallery mural

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We found this mural while riding up Penn Ave during a Flock Of Cycles monthly ride. We couldn’t stop then. The Flock was on its way to an evening picnic at Point State Park and some things just take precedence. We returned about a week later to see what this was. Located on the side of the International Children’s Art Gallery it appears to be a bit of a disjointed sign for that business. They have no other signs indicating what’s in this building. You really have to stare at the design to figure out what it says though. Not really a clear message for the average passerby. It’s bright colors do, however, get your attention.

We’ve located no artist information yet and very little about the gallery itself so far.

7 Apr 2014
Our friend and fellow cyclist, Paul Heckbert, sent us this photo showing revised artwork at this location:

photo by Paul Heckbert

The mural has changed again:

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