16 April 2016

Resurection by Paul T Granlund

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For the hour is coming, when all that are in the tomb will hear His voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of life. John 5:28B–29A

You’ll find Resurrection on the sidewalk outside the First Lutheran Church in downtown. Its sculptor, Paul T. Granlund, was the son of a Lutheran minister and he said that all of his sculptures were religious. We found a quote in the MetroLutheran from 2003 that described another of his pieces (Birth of Freedom) by saying The miracle of life emerges from the cosmos, a tetrahedron. The organic emerges from the inorganic, God’s spontaneous gift of resurrection from sin and death. The description seemed to fit this piece as well, and the sculptures have a lot in common.

Mr Granlund also did a piece titled Resurrection II, which also has a lot of similarities with this piece.

The First Lutheran Church commissioned this sculpture and it was installed in 1985. According to Pittsburgh’s Art in Public Places, its theme is spiritual awakening, to celebrate man’s ability to renew himself and his surroundings.

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