17 April 2016

Bienvenidos Mural by Brashear High School Students

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This mural was created out of love and hate, and represents the spirit of not only this neighborhood, but the whole city. A small carniceria, or Mexican grocery store, (known for it's excellent tacos) was vandalized by haters. The graffiti left on the garage door behind the store was cruel and racist. When news got out about it, the community rallied behind the business owners. People from all over the city headed to Brookline to buy a taco or just to tell the owners that the sentiments left on their door were not shared by everyone, and that they were in fact very welcome in this community. Students from Brashear High School designed a mural to cover the graffiti. A simple but heartfelt message of welcome.

Sad to say, but the haters returned and vandalized the mural. At that time the owners said that they would be moving - not because of the vandalism, but because of an increase in rent at that location. We thought that would be it for the mural and fully expected that it would just get painted over but we were wrong. We were pleasantly surprised to hear that once again, the community stepped up and they repaired the mural. They may not ever change the hearts of the vandals, but they have said loud and clear that the haters do not speak for the rest of us.

We had no luck getting good photos of the mural once it was completed. Each time we attempted there was a vehicle parked in front of it. After it was repaired we tried again without luck and decided to just take the picture with the vehicle anyway. We'll update this if we can get a clear shot at a later date.

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