02 October 2016

Manchester Bridge Artifacts by Charles Keck

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Pittsburgh has, and has had, some wonderful bridges. Every time we bike across the 16th St Bridge I can't help admire the artwork high above. New bridges just don't get the funding for such fabulous, decorative additions. Back in 1917 they did, and the old Manchester bridge had some wonderful adornments on either end. When the bridge was demolished in 1970 the bronze sculptures were saved. They spent some time on the North Side and then disappeared from public view for many years, but in 2016 this end of the old bridge was placed back out in the public eye.

The images of 18th century guide Christopher Gist, Seneca leader Guyasuta, and the city of Pittsburgh's coat of arms have been installed near the spot where they originally were. Across the street from this installation you can see the old support pier from the Manchester Bridge - now integrated into A Tribute to Children (AKA the Mr Rogers sculpture).

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