10 November 2015

Peace Over Pittsburgh by multiple artists

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We know that Peace Over Pittsburgh is the name of one section of this mural (photo above), but we don’t have the names of the other portions of it yet. There are a wide variety of images in this mural that covers both sides of an underpass. Everything from local sports to historic figures to the spiritual side of the neighborhood are represented by different artists in differing styles.
Trolley car, musician, Mary Lou Williams
Portrait of Mary Lou Williams, a famous Jazz musician.

This is another of the Moving the Lives of Kids (MLK) community mural projects done along the east busway. The professional artists train and mentor several local teenagers. It’s not just art. These murals benefit the communities and the kids in so many other ways. Teens learn skills; get a temporary job; have goals; create something beautiful; experience something positive; learn to work with others; learn to respect others; learn to do something they can be proud of. The community gets an otherwise dull and sometimes dingy wall or tunnel turned into a small gallery of images; a deterrent to graffiti; and kids with a sense of accomplishment.

Mansion, man, zipper, subway tunnel.
Several of the professional artists that helped with this mural happened to be associated with Carlow University and the school did an article about the project. You can read it here (pages 24-30).
A brown eye.    Baseball player, Lefty.
Bulldog mascot and coach.
Egyptian man, woman and child.  Africa with a bow.
Eyes, a family, barber, group of men.
Industrialists Westinghouse, Carnegie, ?    Pittsburgh Motor Company
A local street vendor with watermelons, angel, paintbrushes.

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